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Players all begin as normal Brown students (“Bears”), who must struggle for survival in the face of this great epidemic, hunted ruthlessly by a growing horde of the undead (“Zombies”).


All you need to play? A bright ORANGE bandana and a ball of socks.


Players must be wearing their orange bandanas at all times to show that they are playing. Zombies wear the bandanas around their heads, Bears wear them on their right bicep. (Don’t have a bandana? Don’t worry! You can purchase one when you register).


Bears use a handful of sock balls (preferably clean, and definitely without rocks) in order to defend themselves and evade death by zombie attack. Speed and street-smarts are also helpful. Hitting a zombie with a sock ball stuns the Zombie for five minutes (during which Zombie moves their bandana down to their neck), so that the Bear has a greater chance of escape and survival.


For the zombie, it’s simple: run up to a Bear and tag them with both hands, and avoid being stunned by the sock balls. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and some sneakiness.


The ultimate goal of the game is for either all Bears to be transformed into Zombies, or for the Bears to survive to the end of the game.


Game-play will start at 8PM Wednesday, October 28th and run until 12PM (noon) Saturday, October 31st. After this you will have until 11:59 PM the night of Saturday, October 31st to report your status (check your emails!) as either a Bear or a Zombie. 


On Sunday morning, we will announce who prevailed over the Brown community- Bears, or Zombies.







  • Anywhere outside



Bears cannot be tagged/chased inside any building. Bears must have both feet in safe zone to be considered safe.

  • As a Bear coming out of a building, you are safe for 5 seconds or 5 feet, whichever comes first.

  • If you are outside for mandatory reasons (athletes during practices, tour guides, etc), you can excuse yourself from gameplay.



  • All players begin as Bears. Your ultimate goal is to run away from Zombies and remain a healthy, uninfected Bear until the end of the game.

  • Bears wear bandanas around their right bicep. THESE MUST BE VISIBLE (over jackets, hoodies, long sleeves, etc).

  • Bears defend themselves from Zombies using sock balls.

  • DO NOT put rocks/other weighted items in your sock ball. They must be 100% sock, and must not cause bodily damage upon impact.

  • DO NOT throw socks at non-players.

  • Bears are tagged by a zombie with both hands. If you are tagged, you must remove your bandana from your bicep and wear it around your neck. The transformation takes one hour, at the end of which you can transfer the bandana to your head. You are now a zombie, go eat some Bears!



  • If you are tagged as a Bear, after one hour of wearing bandana around the neck in a “stunned” state, you transform into a Zombie.

  • Zombies wear bandanas around their heads to identify themselves as Zombies. THESE MUST BE VISIBLE (over hats, hoodies, etc).

  • Zombies multiply by tagging Bears with both hands. Bears can not be tagged in the safe zones, and head tags do not count.

  • If your red bandana is not around your head and clearly visible, you can not make a tag. Bandana must be around your forehead for at least 30 seconds before you can make a tag.

  • Zombies are stunned when hit by a sock ball. If you are stunned, move your bandana down to your neck. You cannot attack any Bear/are out of gameplay for five minutes. This includes shielding other zombies from sock bullets or continuing to run toward or stalk any Bears.

  • If you are hit again while stunned, you DO NOT need to reset your 5-minute timer. However, you can only resume gameplay when your time is up and your bandana is back around your head.

  • Zombies cannot steal or pick up Bear sock-ball-ammo. Touching the sock ball in any way will render you stunned. Therefore, if you swat/catch the sock ball, you are stunned. Head shots with socks DO count!

  • DO NOT use non-players or objects such as backpacks/textbooks as shields from the sock balls.

  • DO NOT tag non-players.



  • Do not hit/chase/tag/threaten any non-players.

  • Treat your fellow players with respect.

  • Gracefully accept getting tagged/stunned.

  • Zombies: don’t steal Bear sock-ball-ammo.

  • Don’t get violent. Do not cause harm to yourself or anyone else. No wrestling or hand to hand combat allowed.



  • No biting. No licking.

  • Do not intimidate or threaten others.

  • Tags to the head or privates are invalid.



  • Unless you’re in a sanctioned activity, please don’t remove yourself from the game. So don’t take off your bandana just to walk to class- this also falls under DBAD.



  • Zombies: Bears don’t taste very good above a certain BAC. Please chase wisely.

  • Bears: there’s a zombie invasion currently going on…please remain vigilant, and drink wisely.

  • If you do choose to drink, you may excuse yourself from gameplay and remove your bandana.



  • If something seems like a bad idea, don’t do it

  • If something seems excessively dangerous, don’t do it.

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