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Frequently Asked Questions:



What the hell is the point of Bears VS Zombies?

It’s a large-scale game of tag that simulates a zombie plague. Everyone starts off as a “Bear,” and if you are tagged, you transform into a “Zombie.” The goal of the game is for Zombies to take over campus, or for Bears to survive until the end of the game (noon on Halloween). This is a form of healthy, safe, pure fun during a stressful time of the semester—so join in!


Why should I play?

Have you ever wondered if you would be able to survive a zombie apocalypse? Did you ever imagine yourself as a character as you binge-watched every season of The Walking Dead on Netflix? Well, here’s your chance to participate in a real zombie plague, and test your chances of survival.


Why the hell do we need to use orange bandanas?

We use orange bandanas to identify players from non-players, as well as Bears from Zombies.


What if I don’t have a orange bandana?

We will be selling them in the Blue Room from Oct. 23-28th (check the Facebook event for more details).


Isn’t this impossible with homework and midterms and classes and..?

You should play through your normal schedule of classes, work, food, and sleep. If you’re hiding in your dorm room instead of going somewhere you need to be, you’re not playing correctly. There are also many levels of play. You can spend all of your interclass time hunting Bears, or just go on with your normal day and hope for the best.


Why sock balls?

They’re pretty harmless, and everyone has access to socks (we hope!)


What if I don’t wanna carry around a bunch of socks?

Sock balls are an optional defense mechanism. You can choose to walk around unarmed. Just be prepared to run when those zombies come after you!


Why can’t we use nerf guns?

As this is the pioneer Bears VS Zombies game, we want to keep it simple for now, and limit weapons to sock balls.


Why are there so many rules?

Rules are created to make this game as safe, fun, and organized as possible for everyone. However, they can be summarized quite simply as:

  1. You start off as a bear. Wear your orange bandana around your arm and throw socks at/run away from those wearing bandanas around their head. For the love of corgis, don’t do anything stupid.

  2. If you become a zombie, wear the bandana on your head and chase those with bandanas around their arms. Once again, don’t do anything stupid.


I was a Bear but I got tagged and am now a Zombie! Is there a way to fix this?

No, sorry. Once you’re undead… you’re undead for life. So have some fun with it, and spread the zombie plague to all of your Bear friends!


What is GlobeMed and why are you running this event?

We are a student-run nonprofit partnered with a grassroots organization, U-Tena, located in Nairobi, Kenya. U-Tena uses dance and performance arts to teach communities about issues of sexual health, reproductive health, and more. With Bears VS Zombies, we mostly want to host a large, fun event on campus, but also hope to increase our visibility on campus, spread our message, and raise money via bandana sales and donations to support our cause.


Where can I learn more about GlobeMed, or make a donation?


I have a question that you haven’t answered yet! PANIC.

Please contact with any further questions.

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